SCMP Saturday, November 11, 2000

Human rights groups to protest Government's motion on assembly law


Human rights groups are planning a civil disobedience campaign to show their anger at the Government's motion on the assembly law.
Law Yuk-kai, director of the Human Rights Monitor, said the November 22 date of the motion, three days before the planned meeting between Mrs Ip and non-governmental organisations, showed claims of wanting a dialogue with the community were insincere.
"We will seriously consider whether to launch a civil disobedience campaign - even if we risk being arrested - as there is no room for discussion with the Government," Mr Law said.
President of the University of Hong Kong students union Gloria Chang Wan-ki said a united front in the community to oppose the Ordinance was needed. "The Government's tactic has been to brand us as nuisances and isolate us, and scare students away from joining our activities," she said.