SCMP Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Old attitudes 'must be discarded'


A kidney patient who has waited more than a decade for a transplant said she hoped more people would discard traditional Chinese beliefs and carry organ donor cards.
Law Mi-lin, 47, said Hong Kong people were unwilling to donate organs mainly because of a belief that it was better to keep the body intact after death.
"This belief should no longer prevail. I understand it is difficult to change one's mind but that is what we need to work on," she said.
The mother of two grown-up children began suffering kidney disease in 1989 and now has to receive dialysis four times a day.
"It is not comfortable, but I am now used to it after all these years," she said.
Ms Law, formerly a watchmaker, was forced out of her job because she tired easily.
She said she would never lose hope because of her love for life.
"I am a very optimistic person. Of course, I would like to have a new kidney one day but what can I do now? I'm still hoping for a miracle," she said.
Ms Law has participated in functions to promote donations. "It is important to educate young people. Even if I die, others will benefit from my work."