SCMP Monday, October 2, 2000

Bug nothing to laugh at


Government computer experts have issued a warning over another virus that spreads through a Microsoft e-mail programme. A variant of Visual Basic Script viruses, VBSFunny also attaches to all entries in Microsoft Outlook address books.
The Information Technology Services Department has warned that e-mails carrying the virus have one of three titles - "Funny story", "When did you die?" or "Rechnungsabschrift" - and contain the corresponding attachment files funny-story.htm.vbs, life-assurance.htm.vbs or rechnungsabschrift.doc.vbs. If these files are opened, the virus can initiate a program which locates e-mail addresses listed in Microsoft Outlook's address book and sends copies of itself to all of the entries.
Experts have advised people not to open the attachment and to delete the e-mail immediately, but said that most anti-virus utilities can detect VBSFunny.