SCMP Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Sacked professor's new language work


An academic who was sacked for allegedly beating his wife and daughter has found a new job editing children's textbooks.
Wong Wai-leung, 53, a former professor of Chinese language and literature at Chinese University, has taken up the post of chief editor at a publishing house in Lai Chi Kok that produces textbooks for primary and secondary school students.
He said he did not feel embarrassed about his new job.
"The jobs of both professor of Chinese literature and textbook editor are concerned with language. It's just doing language work in another form," he said. "I hope I can make some contribution to language education in Hong Kong."
Mr Wong said he enjoyed his work, although it paid less than the $90,000-plus a month he was earning as a professor.
He said he had no plans to seek another university post in the near future.
The university council voted for Mr Wong's immediate dismissal last November after the conclusion was reached he had assaulted his wife, Han Chiang-ning, 53, and 24-year-old daughter, Wong Suk-shan, in November 1998. The case never went before a court and was not reported to police. The university described his conduct as "socially unacceptable, immoral and scandalous".
Mr Wong denied beating his wife and daughter but dropped plans to seek a judicial review due to legal costs. He had taught at the university for 24 years.
He has written a book on what he sees as unfairness in the university's investigation, but has not found a publisher.