SCMP Monday, July 9, 2001

Two die in truck's freak plunge on to flats


Two refuse collectors were killed and a third injured in a freak accident when their truck plunged off Stubbs Road and landed on the roof of a block of flats in Happy Valley, about 100 metres below.
About 30 residents had to be evacuated from three blocks of the low-rise flats at 15 Village Terrace after the incident at 7.35am. None of them was hurt.
The truck had been travelling downhill when it ran out of control at a roundabout. It skidded off the road and through a guard rail, plunged down the steep slope and smashed into the roof of the three-storey building.
Workers were last night attempting to remove the remains of the vehicle with a crane. They tried and failed at least four times, with the truck crashing back on to the building.
Sai Wan Ho Fire Station commander Ng Wai-keung said: "There were three injured persons - one of them fell on to the first-floor terrace while the other two were trapped in the front of the truck. We managed to free all three within eight minutes of our arrival."
Driver Sze Chun-hing, 32, and 39-year-old Leung Yuk-chun were declared dead at Tang Shiu Kin Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital respectively. To Hing-sam, 21, was in stable condition in Queen Mary Hospital.
A security guard for a neighbouring complex said he was walking towards the flats when he heard the truck crashing down the hill. "We heard a big bang, like an explosion, and then saw the truck tumbling down. Smoke was coming out of the truck and we called the police," he said.