SCMP Monday, April 30, 2001

32 seamen saved as ship runs aground and two collide in fog


Thirty-two mainland and Filipino seamen were rescued yesterday after two accidents as thick fog shrouded Hong Kong waters.
The captain of the 100-metre, 5,000-tonne Glory Star and his 24 Filipino crew were rescued by police launches at noon after their mainland-registered ship carrying cement ran aground and listed 45 degrees to starboard off Pak Shek Au in Tolo Harbour, Ma On Shan.
They were taken to Ma Liu Shui marine police base for examination and questioning. No one was injured.
Police and Marine Department officers said they did not spot any oil leaking from the vessel.
In the other accident, a mainland vessel sank off Shau Kei Wan typhoon shelter after a collision with another mainland cargo boat in eastern Victoria Harbour at about 8.30am. Seven seamen were rescued from the water by nearby sampans and taken to Sai Wan Ho marine police base.
One 24-year-old crewman was treated at Eastern Hospital but later released. The Marine Department was still investigating both accidents. The Observatory expects mist and fog to persist over Hong Kong for the next couple of days.
"Although we had rays of sunlight coming through the cloud, there was fog near ground and sea level with visibility deteriorating after midnight," scientific officer Lee Lap-shun said.