SCMP Thursday, August 16, 2001

I have full confidence in police, says arrested star


Canto-pop star Joey Yung Cho-yee yesterday said she had "absolute confidence" in the police after her weekend arrest in connection with an alleged attack on TV actor Leung Sze-ho.
However, her publicist expressed shock at the detention of the 21-year-old singer and actress and criticised the force for its "hasty" action.
Speaking with Yung at a hotel during a promotional event for a cosmetics company, publicist Mani Fok Man-hei fielded most of the reporters' questions.
"We don't think the incident will taint Joey's image as she is an independent-minded person with integrity," said Ms Fok, director of artist management at the Emperor Entertainment Group, Yung's record company.
"But we are very shocked by the hasty way police handled the case and took such an action against an artist.
"However, we respect the investigation police are conducting."
Yung was arrested on Saturday night along with Hong Kong Football Association president Martin Hong Po-kui in connection with an alleged assault by two men on Leung in February. The arrests came a day after police picked up nine men in connection with an attack on comedian Eric Tsang Chi-wai last month. All 11 have been released on $2,000 bail.
The alleged attack on Leung, who is also a disc jockey at RTHK, came weeks after the 34-year-old entertainer impersonated Yung on TV and made a remark about Yung's relationship with her boss, Emperor Group head Albert Yeung Sau-shing.
A cheerful-looking Yung declined to give further details of the case out of fear of hampering the police investigation. "I am not in a position to say anything about the probe. But I have absolute confidence in the police. Right now, I will be kept busy with my upcoming concert and all kinds of promotion jobs," she said.
The award-winning singer repeatedly said she was grateful for the support of family and friends.
"My mother has been worried and has not slept well. But I hope she'll be fine," she said.
Asked if she had spoken to Mr Yeung, Yung dodged the question. "I think it is me who has to take care of myself and face the matter in a composed manner," she said.
Ms Fok said yesterday's promotional event had been brought forward several weeks in an attempt to quash media speculation that businesses had terminated their contracts with Yung after the arrest.
Football boss Hong, 52, has acknowledged he is "helping" police with the probe, but insisted he was innocent.
An official from Kowloon West Regional Crime unit said the investigation was continuing.