SCMP Monday, October 1, 2001

Parents chide children without explaining why


Seventy per cent of parents punish their children without explaining what mistakes they have made, a survey has found.
Members of the Martha Boss Lutheran Community Centre - run by the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service - interviewed 1,382 primary school pupils and 968 parents in June and July.
A total of 68.5 per cent of pupils said they wanted their parents to praise them, while an equal percentage of parents said they rarely did so.
About half the pupils said they wished their parents would explain what mistakes they had made before punishing them. But only 32 per cent of parents said they outlined their children's wrongdoings before punishment.
Community centre officer Ng Ah-wai said it was not helpful for parents to be high-handed. "Parents should improve communication with their children and help them develop a correct value system," she said.
Fewer than 30 per cent of pupils admitted they deserved punishment even if their parents had not explained their mistakes.