SCMP Saturday, April 21, 2001

HK request for reservoir water rejected

TOM MITCHELL in Guangzhou

Guangdong has rejected a request by Hong Kong to provide it with water directly from a reservoir.
It refused to allow the SAR to draw water from the Xinfengjiang Reservoir, Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau's vice-director, Li Yihui, said.
Hong Kong draws much of its water from the Dongjiang, which is badly polluted along its lower reaches. The water in the reservoir, at the headwaters of the Dongjiang in northeast Guangdong, is much cleaner.
Guangdong has for years stifled industrial and economic development in the nearby city of Heyuan in an effort to protect the reservoir's purity.
Ms Li did not say when the request was made, but noted that a joint environmental protection liaison team last met in February. Representatives of Guangdong's Environmental Protection Bureau, Planning Commission and Economic Commission sit on the liaison team.