SCMP Monday, September 11, 2000


'Superman' turns to stars


A former agony aunt and movie and television actors helped spice up campaigning. Lawyer and Hong Kong Island candidate Paul Tse Wai-chun - well-known for his man-of-steel Superman outfit - waved and shook hands with voters near a North Point polling station with long-time companion and former radio agony aunt Pamela Pak Wan-kam, who was in an eye-catching green feather hat.
The couple wore pink gloves, but for once Mr Tse gave up his Superman outfit for a suit. They were joined by On Dak-juen, host of the TV show I-File, and ex-movie star Wong Ha-wai, now in her 60s, who said they had joined forces to give Mr Tse spiritual support at Wah Fu Estate.
The 41-year-old lawyer was confident that his Superman image had made a positive impression. "The Superman presentation has made people think of me as a hero who brings justice to society and helps those who are unfortunate," Mr Tse said. "The Superman image suits our purpose and draws the public. Most councillors are thought to be boring and traditional," he said.
Lau Hing-kee, a candidate in New Territories East, known as "Cha Siu Bing" for his role in a television show in which he plays a roast meat seller, was helped by his son, 24-year-old actor and singer Lau Hoi-wai.