SCMP Friday, December 15, 2000


Help us with curriculum rethink

I refer to K Cheng's letter (Education Post, December 9). We agree that we need to have a rethink about the curriculum in our schools. Indeed, the Curriculum Development Council (CDC) has undertaken a holistic review of the school curriculum which involved a wide range of participants including teachers, principals, parents, education professionals and overseas experts.
To meet the needs of the 21st century, the CDC has recommended an open, flexible, broad, balanced and quality curriculum framework that will enable our students to enjoy learning, develop creativity, achieve all-round education and develop the skills for lifelong learning.
A simplified version of the consultation document and a leaflet for parents are available at our Department's Regional Education Offices or District Offices. Members of the public are also welcome to visit our Web site at .
We appeal to all sectors of the community to contribute their views on the proposed curriculum framework before the consultation ends on February 15, 2001, so that the curriculum blueprint can meet the expectations of society at large.
In delivering quality education, the Education Department has undergone a fundamental reorganisation and re-engineering to better position ourselves. Notably, we have launched four Regional Education Offices to provide comprehensive and integrated educational services to schools and the public.
In the same vein, we have put in place interflow arrangements allowing some of our colleagues to exchange positions with their school counterparts. Some of our initiatives take our colleagues into schools working with teachers on curriculum tailoring, self-evaluation and school improvement, facilitating interface with schools and external organisations and to forge partnerships to promote excellence in school education.
We would like to take this opportunity to assure members of the community of our mission to deliver professional services and ensure effective use of resources.
for Director of Education