SCMP Saturday, November 18, 2000

Girl, boyfriend 'killed disapproving parents'


A Hong Kong couple were strangled by their teenage daughter and her boyfriend because they disapproved of the youngsters' relationship, Manhattan police said yesterday.
The body of Stephen Leung, 55, was found in New York's East River and divers were searching for the body of his wife, Chi-lin, 41, said William Taylor, an assistant police chief in Manhattan.
Connie Leung, 17, and her boyfriend, Eric Louissant, 20, have been arrested and face murder charges. The killings appeared to have been planned and neither suspect had shown remorse, Mr Taylor said.
He said the parents, immigrants from Hong Kong, had strongly disapproved of the year-long relationship between their schoolgirl daughter and her unemployed boyfriend.
Stephen Leung had been strangled with a raincoat belt as he sat watching television in his bedroom, shortly after he came home from his job as a hotel waiter, Mr Taylor said. Louissant and his girlfriend then allegedly used a leather belt to strangle Leung Chi-lin when she returned from work in a restaurant.
The two locked the corpses in a bedroom and stayed in the flat for several days, Mr Taylor said.
On November 7, the couple allegedly put Leung Chi-lin's body in a laundry bag and pushed it in a shopping cart to the East River, where they dropped both the cart and the corpse. Three days later, Mr Taylor said, they wrapped Stephen Leung's body in a laundry bag and threw it in the same spot. A passerby noticed the floating bag and called police.