SCMP Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Back off, ground crew tell pilots

About 150 Cathay Pacific ground crew workers last night appealed to pilots to withdraw their threat of industrial action, saying it was putting their jobs at risk.
In an open letter to the pilots, the workers said the action could push their employer into financial difficulty and lead to redundancies. They accused the Aircrew Officers' Association of ignoring the public interest by taking industrial action during the peak season, saying: "It's not fair to us, especially frontline staff, as we will be the first to be blamed if flight services are disrupted.
"The aviation industry in Hong Kong is already facing a lot of difficulties. Should the union take any form of industrial action at this time and damage the image and business of the airline, they would put it in an even more difficult position. The wellbeing of all staff would then be jeopardised. We have families to look after."