SCMP Friday, February 16, 2001

Tung Chee-hwa's statement

I am delighted to announce today that the Central People's Government has accepted my nomination and approved the appointment of Mr Donald Tsang as Chief Secretary for Administration and Mr Antony Leung as Financial Secretary.
Mr Donald Tsang's distinguished career as a Hong Kong civil servant spans over more than three decades. He has served Hong Kong with distinction, commitment and dedication in many different capacities. Since the handover, in his capacity as Financial Secretary, he has led his team of colleagues to overcome the Asian financial crisis. Today's recovery of the Hong Kong economy owes much to the determination and wisdom which Donald and his team have displayed over that critical period.
I am absolutely confident that Donald will bring with him the same commitment, professionalism and leadership in fulfilling the role of Chief Secretary. I am delighted to have Donald as Chief Secretary to help me lead the team of principal officials in realising our vision.
Likewise, I am delighted to have Antony to serve as Financial Secretary at the critical moment when Hong Kong is facing the twin challenges of globalisation and developing the new economy. We have to prepare for the next paradigm shift to take full advantage of China's imminent accession to WTO.
Antony will bring with him to the financial portfolio the wealth of experience which he has acquired in international banking over a quarter of a century. In the increasingly fast moving world of financial markets, Internet stock trading and e-commerce, Antony's professionalism and expertise will be a pillar of strength in the SAR Administration. Antony's experience in masterminding our education reforms and his service as a member of the Executive Council provide him with an excellent foundation to serve as a senior member of the Government.
Donald and Antony, I am delighted to have you fill the two most senior positions in the SAR Government. I know that the team of principal officials warmly welcome your appointments. I am sure that both of you will serve Hong Kong with your utmost dedication.