SCMP Friday, October 12, 2001
Empty talk and a lack of real leadership has left us desperate

Tung Chee-hwa said in his Policy Address that the "SAR Government must have the foresight to see changes coming, to adjust to those changes and to manage them". But this is exactly what the Government fails to do, and fails terribly.
As a former civil servant, I have been pro-Government for more than two decades - until now. The present Government is so disappointing, to say the least. We've got a Financial Secretary who tells people to catch fish and cook soup to earn a living, and sagaciously enlightens people that the money you've saved is not your money, only the money you spend is truly your money. How wise. But this only applies to people such as Antony Leung Kam-chung himself, who have many many millions of dollars sitting in personal bank accounts waiting to be spent. Did he not realise that a huge number of people are technically worse than pennyless? They owe the banks more than the total assets they own. The job of taking the financial helm of Hong Kong is slipping away from him.
And we have our Chief Executive who will be remembered in history not by his achievement but by the lack of it. If you asked me what Mr Tung has done, I can only remember his many empty talks. No doubt he's a nice guy. So is my next-door neighbour. We want a true leader who has foresight to lead Hong Kong and take sweeping policy initiatives to give people hope. This generation of Hong Kong people have never been more desperate.