SCMP Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Teresa Teng to grace Madame Tussaud's


Sculpting started yesterday on the waxwork of late singing legend Teresa Teng Lai-kwan, which will grace Madame Tussaud's gallery alongside the likes of Jackie Chan and Li Ka-shing.
Teng's waxwork will be the first of the Peak museum's 100-plus sculptures to be done from research rather than a live sitting since the gallery opened in August last year. The $350,000 figure will be made with the help of television actress Jo Jo Cao, whose resemblance to Teng earned her a role as the singer in a musical last year.
Cao said she hoped she could help create a perfect likeness of Teng.
"It will be good for the younger generation to know more about her," Cao said of Taiwanese-born Teng, who started singing at the age of six and rose to fame when just 11. She died of an asthma attack in 1995 at the age of 42.
Judy Craig, creative director of London's Madame Tussaud's, flew into town to launch the sculpting yesterday. She said she would measure Cao and take pictures of her from different angles.
"We have done a lot of research on Teresa by asking her family members about her personality. Fortunately we have Jo Jo as a model. I immediately saw the resemblance when she walked into the room. It was like a vision," she said.
The sculpture will be made in London and will make its way to the Peak museum's Music Legends section in mid-2002.
The gallery, which houses wax figures including Britain's Queen Elizabeth and former US president Bill Clinton, is visited by an average of 25,000 tourists a month.