SCMP Friday, July 27, 2001

Gary Cheng in freak attack


Updated at 2.39pm:
Disgraced former legislator Gary Cheng Kai-nam was attacked by a passerby as he left the District Court after filing a legal aid application on Friday morning.
A young man brandishing a stick ambushed Cheng as the former DAB vice-chairman was speaking to the press. The man, who was wearing a t-shirt engraved with Chinese characters, slashed at Cheng's head with the stick for about a minute, before the dumbstruck onlookers.
An astonished Cheng raised his arms to protect himself but did not utter a word. The man mumbled some phrases and wandered around the building after Cheng and his lawyer took off in a taxi. Cheng was rushed to Tang Shiu Kin Hospital in Wan Chai to receive treatment for shock.
Cheng's lawyer said he suspected the man, who was later arrested and taken to Wan Chai Police Station, was mentally disturbed.
''My client Cheng was afraid and humiliated by the assault. We will report the case to the police and reserve the right to take legal action,'' he said.
Cheng was still released on a $20,000 bail and pending his legal aid application. The case will open again on December 3.
51-year-old Cheng first appeared in Wan Chai District Court on June 30 facing charges of accepting advantages as a Legco member, false accounting and two counts of theft.