SCMP Friday, March 16, 2001

Colleagues plan candlelight tribute


A candlelight vigil will be held for Leung Shing-yan after police officers flooded a Web site to express their grief and anger at his murder.
Some officers suggested a march be held to express their sorrow. But the chairman of the Local Inspectors' Association, Tony Liu Kit-ming, said it would be more appropriate to hold a candlelight vigil.
Details of the vigil - proposed to be held on the football pitch of the Police Sports and Recreation Club in Mongkok - will be announced today. Officers swamped a police Web site with hundreds of messages conveying their feelings, including some who pledged revenge.
A number of officers also challenged force management's insistence there was enough manpower, claiming there were not enough officers in some areas and that foot patrols should be done in pairs.
One said: "Some officers have to walk a large beat area. And superiors are so demanding that the morale of officers is damaged."
Others expressed their anger over the killing. One of Leung's colleagues said the killer should be brought in "but with 40 bullet holes".
Many others vowed to track down the attacker. One said: "May you rest in peace. I'll try my best to arrest the culprit."
Another officer said the incident made him fear for his own safety. "I'm alarmed to realise how dangerous our job is. The unfortunate incident makes us aware that we are facing danger every moment. The sacrifice is too large."
The wife of one officer called on force management to address the safety concerns of officers.
Police management have arranged counselling for 30 colleagues of Leung, including the commander who assigned him to attend to the noise complaint.
Leung's family will be awarded a total of $2.5 million in compensation, a funeral grant, death gratuity and a welfare fund.
The slain officer is expected to receive full honours at his funeral and be buried in Gallant Garden, the cemetery for civil servants who die on duty. It is understood that it is planned to hold the funeral on March 26.
The police spokesman said final arrangements would be subject to the agreement of Leung's family.