SCMP Saturday, January 13, 2001


CU study tackles use of resources


The Chinese University has published an environmental report on its campus to identify ways of conserving energy and to encourage more efficient use of resources.
The report, based on an environmental audit commissioned by the university, is the first of its kind by a local tertiary institution.
CU, which has a 134-hectare campus, aims to reduce energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2005 and to cut waste by the same percentage by the end of 2007. A programme for waste reduction and recycling has already begun. The amount of recycled paper increased from 9.5 tonnes to 15.5 tonnes between February and July last year after programmes to increase awareness.
The university will conduct energy audits in buildings to assess efficiency and identify areas for conservation. With more than 500 laboratories and 100 current construction projects, it also needs to ensure that chemical, biological and construction waste is disposed of effectively.
Jonathan Amies, head of the University Safety and Environment Office, said: "The environmental awareness of students and staff varies, but they are becoming more informed.
"Students in some programmes, such as science and geography, are required to take environmental courses."
He said that 12 shuttle buses have been installed with diesel oxidation catalysts to reduce smoke emission, and there were plans to conduct trial runs of electric and LPG minibuses.
"We have to investigate to see if they can be used here. We are on a steep hill and our fleet has a heavy workload," he said.