SCMP Friday, July 27, 2001

No need for 8, but day off great


People in the streets said yesterday they did not understand why Signal No 8 had been raised for Typhoon Yutu - but enjoyed the extra day off anyway.
Ching Yee-li, a 48-year-old insurance broker: "It wasn't stormy, but the signal brings quite a lot of trouble to businessmen and students. I had nothing much to do."
North Point resident Li Siu-mui could not even feel the wind in her district: "Typhoon Signal No 8 is a good thing in general. But I do think a lower signal would have been more appropriate."
Sharon Lo, 36, enjoyed her day off but thought a lower signal would have sufficed: "It did not need to be No 8. But it's nice they were prepared for the worst."
Alice Chan, 30, a waitress, played mahjong with friends on Wednesday: "Why not? I got one more day off."
But Wong Chung-yan, a 21-year-old research assistant, thought the No 8 Signal should have been raised: "I think human lives are worth more than money. There might not have been heavy rain everywhere, but we can't have the No 8 Signal hoisted just for one area and not the others."